Weekly Rundown for February 19, 2023

Thank you to the hosts of the Weekly Rundown, Kim and Deborah.

👀Quick Look at this week

  • Sunday – Rowing Machine
  • Monday – Rest
  • Tuesday – Upper Body & Core
  • Wednesday – Rowing Machine
  • Thursday – Rest
  • Friday – Rowing Machine
  • Saturday – Rest

I left you all last week all excited to take on the world. I went down to my basement and tried out my cheap rowing machine that I had purchased knowing that I’d be unable to run for a while. I was so surprised and happy that I could use it with my boot on and it didn’t strain my foot or ankle at all. I thought my week was going to go perfectly!


Used my rowing machine for 20 minutes. I set it to the lowest setting and only went for 20 minutes because I needed to make sure it didn’t bother my foot. I was very excited about this because this actually gets my heart rate up and feels like I’m doing “something”. If I knew what I was doing with the rowing machine or had a nice machine I’m sure it’d be a hard workout. This will suffice for now. Plus, they have a nice machine at my gym. I’m not investing in one, but I will check out their machine once I’m out of this boot.


I do not know what was wrong with me Monday, but it was the Mondayist Monday ever. I couldn’t will myself to do anything. I had all these great plans to go to the pool, but everything just steadily went to crap. It started with me not doing my morning meditation first thing. I KNOW when I don’t do this first before anything, the day will be garbage, but you know… I’m human and sometimes I do human things.

My yogurt didn’t culture correctly and I had to toss it and which put me in a bad mood. So, I got fixated on getting a new batch going and before you know it I lost my window of opportunity to excise. I had a funeral I needed to go to and my daughter had a basketball game.


I got up for work, back to the 4 am grind. I said not going to repeat yesterday. I am going to do SOMETHING. I still haven’t gotten back into my routines so I’m a little off-kilter. I didn’t have my gym clothes set out and I need to start watering my vegetables at night. This little indoor garden is new. I just didn’t think about it. I know that planning ahead and doing all the things and planning for all the things is what leads to successful habits.

Needless to say, I was determined not to miss another day. I got my meditation in and I cut my workout down to 3 sets from my usual 4 to make it work, but I did something. Upper body & core! Yeah! Something.

Fast forward to work. I get to work and at 7:30 am I start passing huge clots and heavy menstrual bleeding. Sorry, TMI, but I am premenopausal and I haven’t had a period since May. This “cycle” if you want to call it that started lightly last week, but nothing concerning. I am muddling through work but am seriously concerned with the amount of blood I’m losing. I have a history of postpartum hemorrhage and needing an emergency D&C before for a miscarriage so I’m very mindful of this. By the end of my shift, I knew I had to go in because it hadn’t stopped. I’m a nurse and I know that this amount of blood loss could be serious.

So, here I am trying to have a pelvic exam with an airboot on in the ER with people I know and work with. How embarrassing! Like anyone wants to show their vajajah at work. I got over myself. I’m glad I went. I had an ultrasound and was diagnosed with a uterine polyp and was advised to get into a GYN within 2 days.  They didn’t give me anything for the bleeding though.


The bleeding had eased up so I decided I would do something for a workout. Got in 30 minutes on the rowing machine and felt really good about that.


Got in to see a GYN and was finally given some medication to stop the bleeding. She did a biopsy to make sure the polyp wasn’t cancerous. Owie! That hurt. I’ll feel better when that comes back. I did not exercise Thursday. Between the biopsy and the time it took me at the appointment and the bleeding, I let it go. A rest day was probably in order.

I thought she was going to schedule a D&C or surgery of some sort. I was very happy that medication could likely fix the problem.


I did not feel like doing anything but did not want the whole week to be a wash. I got on the rowing machine and did another 30-minute workout. Something! Made me feel human.


I was super rundown from the week. The medication they gave me to stop the bleeding most definitely has side effects. Pain is one of them. I wound up taking some of the pain meds from my surgery and that took me out of the game.  I was a little depressed. You know? Like I’m tired of being broken. I just want to be able to exercise and get back into my regular routines.


Today! I was not typing this up until I did something! I sat on my couch. Did my meditation and I did NOT want to get up and exercise. I just wanted to sit there, but I KNOW that sometimes you just got to push through to get those habits back on track. Upper body & core done!

One more week in the boot and I’m cleared for the bike!!! These meds appear to be working The pool was completely off the table this week. I decided to change my goal for this week to just get in the pool. I want to start swimming again, but sometimes I get a mental block with swimming. Sometimes just setting the goal to get in the pool helps me to get started with that. I am hoping to try swimming lessons again. I am not a great swimmer. I’d like to get better with that this year.

I’m starting this week with a great attitude and hoping to carry it throughout the week this time! I’ll get better pictures next week too, but today I’m just happy that I got through the week. Looking back on it, it wasn’t a total wash. I did something. Soon I’m going to be able to do all the things I want to again!

🎯Next week’s goals

  • Swim with pool buoy – 2xs
  • Get in the pool.
  • Upper body & core 3xs
  • Rowing Machine 3xs

23 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown for February 19, 2023”

  1. Darlene Cardillo

    Glad to hear you can use the rowing machine to get some sweat on.

    I once went to gyno and a former student from when I was a teacher was the nurse. Yuck.

    Hope this week goes well. A positive attitude is important.

    Mine currently is at a record low. Details eventually on the blog.

    1. Awe. Gosh, it looks like a few of us had a rough week. I’m sorry yours was crappy as well. Here’s to next week. I got to go to church, but will head on over to check out everyone else’s week when I return. I’ll look for details on your blog if you decide to share.

  2. It does sound like you had a rough week, but that means this week can be better. Yikes on the heavy bleeding, ER visit and urgent GYN appointment. I think you definitely needed some rest after all that.

    I totally understand the “need” to do SOMETHING — usually I at least get a dog walk in but Scooby can be pretty pokey sometimes.

  3. Oh, what a nightmare! You must be feeling really fatigued with all that blood loss. Great job on getting in the things you did- the rowing machine sounds like a lifesaver right now. I’ve never used a rowing machine but I know they’re GREAT exercise. They have them at my gym, and I should probably check it out but I don’t know anything about proper form (a Youtube video could probably sort that out for me!)
    Yes, the pool. I also wish I were a better swimmer. I think if you never learned properly as a kid, it’s hard to do it as an adult. There was a phase where I tried to get into triathlon, and actually completed a few shorter races, but just struggled with the swimming. I don’t have the proper form, tried to learn it from and online class, and finally decided that if I wanted to continue with triathlon I would have to take some lessons- so I quit, ha ha. I don’t really regret that decision, but sometimes I still wish I could just swim laps as cross training.
    Good luck this week! I hope it goes a lot better for you.

    1. That’s about the same as me. I’ve done a couple sprint triathlons as well. Totally agree if you didn’t learn properly as a child, it’s so hard. I had kind of given up. With my foot problems I’m going to try again. We’ll see.

  4. I’m very sorry to hear about the rough week, but glad your doctor was able to help without surgery. I understand the drive to want to do something to feel normal and active, but it sounds like your body needed a bit of rest this week. Good luck this next week Teresa!

  5. I am so sorry about your bleeding! Perimenopause is the WORST!!! Truly. I hope that everything comes back normal from your biopsy. Maybe there is an ablation in your future? Hang in there.

  6. What a bummer of a week, Teresa! So sorry to hear about the bleeding and polyp, hope all goes well. Rowing machines are incredible, we got one recently and to me it’s an amazing combined cardio/endurance/strength workout. I’ll use it more in the coming weeks. Hope this week will be better for you and yay for getting on the bike soon!

  7. I’m so sorry it was such a tough week for you — that sounds like a lot. I was “lucky”, I guess, my periods got lighter during perimenopause — but more frequent. Until the end. Anyhoo, glad you are on the mend from that.

    I’ll tell you something — I usually meditate in the morning & evening as well, and somehow this Winter I’ve been really off and sometime it happens & sometimes it doesn’t. Stressing over not meditating is kind of counterproductive though, right?

    I hope you have a great week this week! Exciting that you don’t have too much more time in the boot.

  8. Ugh! What a trash week! I am kind of in your boat when it comes to menopause. My period stopped for about a year after I broke my ankle (from the trauma, I guess), and now I get it every 6-8 months, and it’s BAD. I always thought they wouldn’t treat it seriously if went to the ER, butt the last time I had it, I spent most of the day sitting on the floor of our shower, nauseous and bleeding. No bueno. Being a woman is hard.

    This week will be better! We can do this!

  9. Oh Teresa, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re dealing with another health issue. Glad you got in to see a doctor and got a biopsy, even if you had to get a little too personal with the ER coworkers first. Sending good vibes your way!

  10. Hope your week is starting out better than last week! Sounds like you’ve been through a lot! If I added any more equipment to our workout room it would be a rowing machine. They are a great workout. I’m with you on the exercise – I really feel off when I don’t get my blood pumping with a morning workout. Sometimes I’ll just do 10 burpees and that’s enough to do it.
    Keep fighting the good fight over there!

  11. Oh man, it sounds like you had a hard week 🙁 So glad that you went to the doctor to get checked out. As women it’s so easy for us to brush things off when it comes to our health.

    I hope that this week goes better for you!

  12. Oh wow I’m so sorry for such a tough week. Fingers and toes crossed the biopsy comes back a-ok and you can move on. Perimenopause has a way of throwing all sorts of curveballs. I give you so much credit for making the effort to get on the rowers. Here’s to a calmer week ahead!

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