Ultimate Coffee Date February 3

Hi, all. I’m trying something new this week and joining in on the Ultimate Coffee Date. You can check out the links below at the bottom of this post for how this works. I’m still new at this so bear with me as I sort this out, but here is what I would tell you if we having a coffee date today.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you…

That I have started the new year obsessed with fermented foods and my microbiome. I have jars of homemade sauerkraut, sourdough starter, and fermented apples, blueberries, and peaches. I’ve started sprouting grains and making rejuvalac and homemade yogurt too. My kids think I’m nuts, but you know that’s kind of a standard and they’re just used to their mother and her weird things.

In fact, I have sauerkraut fermenting down in my gym because I ran out of space to put it. Oh, let me tell you about the smell of cabbage and onions while you are working out 🤣 🤣 🤣.


If I were having coffee, I would tell you….

My cast comes off on Monday!!! You have no idea how excited I am about this. This is my second foot/ankle surgery since September for anyone who has not been following me. I fought ankle and foot issues for over a year that have completely sidelined my running. For that matter, I have barely been able to walk or do other activities. I finally threw in the towel on alternative methods and got an MRI which led me to surgery. I am so hopeful for this year! While I do plan to run again, I am embracing taking better care of myself.


If I were having coffee, I would tell you….

I’ve been fighting insecurities this week. I also have a life-long struggle with anxiety that I combat with exercise and meditation. This week I’ve done several meditations on self-doubt and insecurity. Meditation has helped fill the void from not running.

Silly girl. Reminder to self – You are kind, you are likable, and you are fun to be around.

If I were having coffee, I would tell you….

I went to two of my daughter’s basketball games this week. This is one of the few perks of my being home on short-term disability. I do not get to go to her games often because I am usually at work. It’s been a real treat to get to see her play.

If I were having coffee, I would tell you….

Wah. I have to go back to work next week. If we were having coffee I would prepare you that I am quite the whiner. I start off every day with the same line of nonsense. “Today’s going to be a great day! I am happy and joyful, what could go wrong?”. Then I start whining about noon and that progresses through 3 or 4 pm. Somewhere around 5 pm I usually get my second wind and start back on the happy and joyful mantra again.

Oh, I would also tell you that I LOVE coffee!

Have a great Friday folks. As usual wishes of peace, love, and joy to my regular fan club! ✌️❤️😊

I am linking with the hosts of the Ultimate Coffee Date: Coco and Deborah.

I am also linking with the hosts of the Fit Friday Five: DarleneMichelleRenéeJenn, and Zenaida.

25 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date February 3”

  1. Hi Teresa! It’s nice to “meet” you! Sorry about the foot issues. I hope the surgery does the trick and you are back to running soon. I’m not sure about the fragrance of fermented cabbage in the gym. Haha!

    1. I’m very optimistic about my feet. In the meantime, I’m doing my best with other exercise. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend 😊.

  2. Hey Teresa! Welcome to the coffee chat! We have a few linkups–a Weekly Rundown on Sunday where everyone shares their week of running and workouts and a Tuesday Topics where you can follow the prompts or post whatever you want. Marcia hosts Runfessions on the last Friday of the month and that’s always fun! PS I’m a pediatric nurse practitioner!

    Sorry to hear about your surgery and I hope you get back to many happy miles! My hubs would be jealous of your sauerkraut. We do all kinds of homemade stuff and he brews beer. My boys are grown and like your kids, they just accepted it!

    1. I have bzillion kids, er I mean 8. So some are grown, some are not. NP good for you! I saw the other linkups and plan to try and join in on a few of them (as I can). I’m pretty good at juggling so we’ll see. I hope to participate regularly though.

  3. I’m so sorry about the injuries, but so happy for you that the cast is coming off — that will feel SO good. Of course now the hard work begins!

    LOL about the sauerkraut in your gym. I made fire cider (which isn’t fermented) and actually brought it with me (and drank it) on our trip last weekend. Yes, my husband definitely thinks I’m weird.

    I love that meditation is helping you! I’m a big fan of meditation (hey, did I mention I actually have a meditation challenge going on in my private FB group right now?). It has helped me through some dark times.

    Yesterday I got a text from my sister & let’s just say I didn’t start the day in a happy place. But as the day went on I felt better (not really about the text, just about life in general).

  4. Ugh, sorry for the foot issue(s). That’s great news that the cast is coming off! I had my first-ever stress fracture August of 2020, and it was SO annoying! I’m not one to sit idle, and am usually moving in some capacity on the daily. Thankfully, biking came to my rescue and kept me quite content when walking and running were both forbidden. I host the Weekly Run Down link-up, with Deborah, and we’d love for you to join us on Sunday! We have a strong and very supportive group of gals who link with us each week 😉

    1. Hi Kim! 👋 I actually was planning to join in on the Weekly Run Down too. As soon as I’m cleared, I plan to start biking. I think I have 3 weeks before I’m cleared to bike. I plan to bike for 6-8 weeks and then I’ll start trying to do some super easy walk/jogs. I’m being ultra conservative because I just don’t want to do this again. Running is important to me. I’d rather recover well then reinjure myself. Thanks for stopping by and making me feel welcome! Have a great weekend and look for my Weekly Run Down this week.

  5. Well, I don’t know what your injury was but I hope this fixed it! It is HARD to be sidelined like that. Nothing can replace running, but I’m sure the meditation is helping.
    I haven’t fermented anything in a long time, but I should get back into it because it’s so good for you. Maybe you’ll inspire me!
    Good luck returning to work- and I hope you can get out on your bike soon.

    1. Hi Jenny! I’m going to try and get some simple ferment recipes up. My coworkers think I’m a fruitloop. I once brought my slightly overfermented apples to work. They were kind of boozy🤣. Oops, low quantities of course. Thanks for stopping by and making me feel welcome!

  6. HI nice to have you join us for coffee today! Yay for getting that cast off of your foot. I also like fermented foods but have not tried to make my own. You will have to share you fave recipes!

    1. Hi Deborah! Thanks for stopping by.

      Fermented foods are way easier than I thought they would be, but there is a little bit of a learning curve. I plan to share recipes soon. I have a couple I’m working on right now. Have a wonderful Friday and thanks for hosting the coffee date!

    1. I am excited for sure. I can’t wait to try my sauerkraut. It’s actually the first time I’ve made it. I’ve done shorter ferments. Okay… enough enough with my obsession. Thanks for stopping by! Have a fantastic weekend.

  7. I LOVE coffee too.

    Good luck with your foot/ankle.

    I had ankle surgery years ago. It took months to get back into running but I did. Now I struggle with bunions and neuroma – no surgery plans though!!

      1. With wide toe running shoes and working from home (rather than standing all day), the pain is minimal and bearable currently. Finger crossed it stays that way.

  8. Yay on joining us for coffee, and yay on getting your cast off soon.

    I ran too much during the start of the pandemic and paid the price the next two years. I didn’t need surgery, but I did a lot of PT and other treatments, Hopefully your road to recovery is a smooth one.

    1. Happy to hear that is working for you. I am going to be super careful this go around. I honestly think most of my foot issues came from working as a nurse through the heat of covid versus running. Either way, I am taking care of myself a whole lot better now – physically and mentally. Thanks for making me feel welcome!

  9. Yay! Welcome! :] That’s so cool that you make your own yogurt! I had a sourdough starter for a few years but it unfortunately couldn’t survive my cross-country move. :[

    I’m glad you get to take the cast off and hope you have a speedy full recovery!

  10. It’s so nice to meet you, Teresa! I love that you’re joining our linkups.

    I’m hopeful that your cast came off today and that you got good news about being able to start exercising again soon. Fingers crossed!

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