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Toxic positivity

Honest it’s been a rough couple of weeks. I accidentally let my account expire and with that everything I did on this site was wiped out. So starting over and thought I’d start my first new post with the topic of toxic positivity.

Positive Attitude

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While I really work hard on a positive attitude I am currently struggling with the opposite issue – toxic positivity. I am very mindful to the fact that sometimes things suck! Sometimes they really suck and to dismiss them all with the notion of go meditate, relax, state your intention, and voila life will be great is not how it works.

Coping skills

Coping skills and self care are essential for me. I am very self aware and I do not like that my weaknesses roll right around reactivity. It holds me back in some areas in my life.

I also try and remember my positive traits – I’m a mover and a shaker. I’m highly motivated. I have excellent problem solving skills and usually I’m likeable and easy to be around.

Covid-19 sucks

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I have been surrounded in Covid-19. I’m an extrovert. How I usually handle things is talking, but now there’s that HIPAA stuff and that whole professionalism and leadership thing that I truly honestly want to be good at.

So, I handle things by talking and um yeah, can’t talk about it the way I’d like to. Covid-19 sucks. Young people are getting it, old people are getting it. vaccinated people are getting it, and they’re sick. I’m a nurse. I take care of people. It’s what I do.

So with that, today I’m not positive. Today I’m muddling through, using my best coping skills, and showing as much grace and love to myself as I can. This week has been rough, but I’ve managed to hit most of my workouts. My nutrition has been horrid, but you know that grace thing is going to be there today.

Tomorrow is another day. I will start the morning with a positive intention and move forward. For my praying friends, do me a favor and say a prayer for me that my attitude stops sucking. Believe me I KNOW how very blessed I am. My pity party is not for myself. I love MY LIFE. MY LIFE IS VERY GOOD, but the world as it is right now in this covid shit show is hard and as nurses we cannot always be the grace-filled leaders we want to be.

Much love to my fan club.

~~~ Teresa bringing that Faith, Prayers, Patience, Kindness and taking it one day at a time

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