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Meditation in Nature

Meditation and the Christian Faith

Meditation and Your Faith in Christ     Meditation and the Christian Faith: As you make your faith journey, you can use meditation to bring you deeper into your relationship with Christ. As much as I miss being a child with a

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I know who inspires me, self love, and other nonsense

So, I recently joined Instagram because that’s apparently the new place to network. I’m slightly overwhelmed by the abundance of spammers there. You know, not true inspiration, just picture after picture of someone trying to convince you of something. I

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Jesus said “Do you love me?”

Today’s gospel is over John 21:1-19. I wasn’t going to write about this one today because it didn’t call to me in the way I felt it was supposed to. A verse caught my attention, but not for the intention

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Self Care doesn’t always feel “good”

This week I’ve taken a hard look at self care and I have been really working hard at taking care of my physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. Notice that I didn’t write “putting myself first”. That is because I do not believe that is what self care is all about. My faith and belief system is very intertwined in service and I think that the concept of self care is sometimes twisted to mean “selfish”. They are not the same.

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