Plant Based Ranch Dressing

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Sharing this little experiment I’ve been working on. I’ve been experimenting with making the best vegan ranch dressing recipe for a while. Today I perfected it!

I wanted it to be completely plant based, low calorie, healthy, and still taste like ranch dressing. Wow! I am seriously impressed with myself. This is good and it meets all the criteria.

When I first started making it I was using coconut yogurt, and you can use it. It tastes okay, but it is soooo much better with cashew yogurt. Cashew yogurt is a little thicker and um, well, doesn’t taste like coconut. I had to really play around with the lemon juice, type of vinegar, and amount of seasoning. Finally, I trialed adding in a little Worcesterchire sauce and I seriously believe this is the BEST VEGAN RANCH DRESSING RECIPE out there.

I am not a cook, but here I am learning to make my own recipes. Please try it and let me know what you think.

Vegan Fixate-ish Recipe container equivalents

Beachbody container equivalents.
Although this is not a Fixate recipe, I follow the Beachbody Portion Fix Vegan plan. This recipe equals 1/2 blue container.
If you look under the vegan container list you will see non-dairy yogurt 2/3 cup equals one blue container. Since I only use 1/3 cup and all other ingredients are listed as free foods, this recipe equals 1/2 blue container.

Beachbody Got Protocol equivalents – I am starting the Gut Protocol next and as soon I as I learn the program better I will update this. I think it’s the same equivalent, but will have to do some fact checking first.

If you like this recipe, please comment here or on my Facebook page. This is my first attempt at sharing one of my “creations” as my co-workers call them, but I plan to share more and more as I come up with them.

There are just not enough Beachbody Vegan Fixate recipes to go around. Most people do not follow the vegan plan, so I hope to be a frequent stop for my Beachbody friends for vegan Fixate recipe ideas.

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