Instant Pot Cashew Yogurt Recipe

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cashew yogurt

How to make cashew yogurt in an instant pot.

What? Now I think I’m an expert yogurt maker🤨?

Yep! It’s that easy!!! You can be an expert in 3 days too.

My recipe is different than others out there because I did my usual. I looked at a bunch and took some ideas from all of them. I tried this a few different times now until I perfected it to my liking. Now, I’m absolutely hooked!

It’s so darn easy! Did I say easy? I mean easy.

I will never go back to store-bought yogurt again. This tastes so much better. Plus I know exactly what’s in it.

Please see the notes about substitutions.


Cashew milk 

I make cashew milk from scratch. This is also super easy. Take 1 cup of cashews. Soak overnight in 2 cups of water. Mix in blender with 2 additional cups of water. Blend it for a while until it looks nice and milky. Pour it through a mesh bag or muslin cloth and squeeze all the milk out. (One recipe I saw said you didn’t have to strain. I totally disagree! My yogurt tasted like garbage for not straining.) I think store-bought cashew milk will work as well, but I haven’t actually tried it because cashew milk is so easy to make.

Glucomannan powder 

If you don’t have glucomannan powder, just use extra tapioca starch (if needed). You’ll have to kind of watch to see if it thickens enough. It may be thick enough to your liking with just the 2 tbsp of tapioca starch. I like mine really thick so I like the glucomannan powder. It’s an awesome thickener.

Additional yogurt 

You can also probably skip the additional yogurt. I made my first batch of yogurt with a yogurt starter, but it was way more money than I want to spend. Probiotics are so much cheaper and work just as well. I have been adding my leftover yogurt just to be sure I have enough “starter”. I haven’t tried it without, but if I have to start from scratch that is what I intend to do.

Culture time 

The original recipe that I followed told me to turn the instant pot on for 8 hours. That was definitely not enough. Then I read anywhere from 12 to 16 hours for cashew yogurt depending on what recipe I read. I have found 14 hours to be the sweet spot. You can always open it up earlier and taste it and see what you think.


I don’t add my flavorings until it’s finished because I never know whether I’ll need plain yogurt for a recipe. You can add it while it’s culturing though too. (I have done it that way.)  

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