I know who inspires me, self love, and other nonsense

So, I recently joined Instagram because that’s apparently the new place to network. I’m slightly overwhelmed by the abundance of spammers there. You know, not true inspiration, just picture after picture of someone trying to convince you of something.

I remember when we (my sister and I) started Justmommies.com. There were a bzillion other mom sites, but sis and I KNEW we could do better! We had that genuine love for moms going on. We created a community that did not tolerate meanness or catty crap. We heavily moderated. Our site, our rules. You didn’t want to be nice. You didn’t get to play in our playground – too bad, not sad. Surprise, people liked it. Nobody wants to be around a bunch of mean girls.

So, here I sit surfing Instagram with a bzillion and one fat girl to skinny girl transformation pictures. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about that, and super great for you, but that’s not what inspires me.

What inspires ME, is the girl that’s got that hustle. The girl with the sunshiney attitude. The girl that shows up for herself every day. The girl that keeps at it even when she’s just another seashell on the beach. That’s what inspires me.

I got a vision for what I want to do with this website, what I want to do with my Beachbody stuff, and I’m not just another girl. I am Teresa, the girl from Florida, that brings all the sunshine.

I know what I want, how I am going to get there, and I have the grit and determination to prove it.

This week I’ve been listening to The Magic of Thinking Big. I didn’t like the book that will remain nameless that was suppose to inspire me, so I went old school. Now, I’ve got my fire back and I’m back to that relentless dream chasing. And I KNOW what inspires me is the girl that never gives up, the underdog, the one that’s got grit.

So, that’s my mojo for you all for the day. Just watch me! I am NOT all talk and I am damn sure am going to show you what this girl is made of.

(And cough, cough, cough, could you follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/runteresarun/ because I’d like to see something of real substance besides all the dang spammers.)

 Love my life and hope to share my peace, joy, and happiness with all of you. 

Oh and just for fun, I’ll throw in my fat girl pictures from 2006 because yeah, everyone always loves those.

That’s after kid number 6. Although I wasn’t big most of my life, there were definitely time periods where I gave up on myself. It’s been a long time since then. (Leo is 16.)

Pictures from today to make you smile. I got that love, peace, and joy now and know the secret to life is self care.

Pics from today’s workout and pics from today’s massage. Next blog post will be better, but I am continual work in progress and my sister challenged me today. So bring it Sissycake! Love you ❤️. 

YOU inspire me!

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