Having an SOS moment. Helloooo is anyone out there

SOS, police, emergency button in the public park.

Today has been a rough day! My foot hurts like holy hell today. Yesterday was my first 12 hour shift back to work and my foot has been protesting!!! Then my GYN calls and says I do need a D&C. Ugh! OMG!!! I have to have ANOTHER SURGERY! I know it’s just a D&C and I’m being drama filled. I just got cleared to swim and this lady tells me I won’t be able to swim for 2 weeks.

I just want to lay here and cry. Everything hurts. My elbow hurts. I made my Ortho doc look at my elbow while at work and he diagnosed me with tennis elbow. He said it’s pretty common after using crutches. I just want to be back to normal.

I have been so good. My nutrition has been perfect. I’m watching everything I eat and trying so hard to live a healthy lifestyle. I’m surrounded by people that take crappy care of their bodies and yet here I am the one falling apart. I almost broke into the Lorna Dunes, Pepsi, and peanut butter. That’s how broken down I felt today, but instead I decided to try writing. I am not sure if writing all this up and releasing this negative energy will help or not. It’s worth a shot. This is going to be a short one because I’m at work but will settle for any peptalk I get today.

I am fixing to go meditate – poor grammar and all. Don’t care. As soon as I discharge my last patient, I’m taking 10 minutes for that before I get in the car. I am hungry so I will eat something extra today and I’m probably going to take another dose of pain meds as soon as I’m home. I’m going to try hard though not to turn to my friend “sugar” for comfort. She will not make me feel better. She always tells me lies. Signing off for now.

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