Gratitude Journal – Week ending February 11

Weekly gratitude journal published every Saturday.


I’m starting a new weekly topic, gratitude. I’ve attempted to start a gratitude journal in the past, but writing my thoughts down each day on gratitude can be overwhelming. I thought it’s so much easier to see what I am grateful for in my life by doing it on a weekly basis.

I also have an app on my phone for tracking symptoms, mood, energy, and sleep. It prompts me to add something for gratitude as well. I haven’t used it diligently, but plan to list the things I added throughout the week to share with you.

It’s my hope by sharing my gratitude with others this will cultivate others to develop their own gratitude practice. It is easy to frame things that happen in your life in a negative way and forget about all the positives. Sometimes even negatives can be reframed into positive feelings.

I’ll start this week by reframing a negative to a positive.

Day off
Day off

This week I am grateful for being called off work on Wednesday. It’s funny because I was at first annoyed, and definitely not feeling grateful. Then I changed my perspective. I thought of all that I could do with my day if I wasn’t at work. I realized how fortunate I am to have a job where I can have random days off.  I had a fantastic extra day off and it was quite a blessing to my week.

Random gratitude comments were added throughout my week.

My cast is off!

Finally! So happy to be moving forward with recovery.

My soybeans

I found a whole bag of soybeans in the basement. I wanted to make tempeh and thought I was going to have to order new ones and wait for shipping. I was so excited to find I still had a bag downstairs. It’s the little things. I’m so glad I put this on my list. I would have forgotten about it.

A lead

I got a lead on something I didn’t expect. I noted that in my gratitude journal.

My job, my husband’s job

I have a job that pays well. Work was light this week. My husband has a good job. I am financially secure.

My sister.

I am so blessed to have my sister in my life. She helps and encourages me.

I didn’t break the sauerkraut jar.


Haha, I put this on my list. I was making sauerkraut and went to transfer it to the jar and the jar broke. Right on the floor shattered everywhere. I was mad and screaming about the stupid jar breaking. Then I shifted my perspective. I thought. Hey, it didn’t break with the sauerkraut in it! How lucky am I? I could have wasted all my effort and had to start over.

Next week’s entry I hope will be even better, now that I’m getting the hang of this. And if not, that’s okay too. I’m a work in progress. Next week I hope to take more pictures to go along with my gratitude, but not everything is a photo opportunity, and that’s okay too.

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