Focusing on what I CAN do instead of what I CAN’T

My running recovery plan from plantar fasciitis 🥺

I’ve really, really, really miss running! However my foot is not getting better and rest is what’s needed. So today I decided to fix my attitude and adjust my brain yet again. I rearranged my gym for the 700th time. I put my treadmill up and made room for other stuff.

Focusing on upper Body & core

I got a stability ball. I pulled out my step to use as a bench. I came up with a new plan! I am focusing hard on strength right now. Working my ass off on those damn pull-ups!

I cut an old yoga mat and taped it to the bottom of my pull-up tower for padding. This way I can still do push-ups without putting pressure on my feet. They’re actually a hell of a lot harder with your feet elevated.

I’m using the stability ball for core work. I’m using resistance loops to work my legs and booty. All of this I’m doing as a floor workout.

Then of course there’s my magical bike. Doc said I could bike. I am keeping biking to a minimum, but it is helping and not hurting. I’m just trying not to do anything standing on my feet if I can help it.

Biking to fill the void of not running

My current work out plans are using Beachbody’s Week of Hard Labor doing the Core workout, Chest & Back, and the Shoulders & Arms. I am sitting on the stability ball or using the bench in place of standing.

I am skipping the Leg & Total Body Workout and replacing it with Phase 1 Booty from 80 Day Obsession which uses mostly resistance bands on the floor. I’m replacing the squats with some stability ball stuff. I’m still looking for a couple more workouts to mix in with those, but so far those ones looked the easiest to modify.

Beachbody and those resistance loops

I am also doing some bike work. This is the only time I’m taking the boot off and I am keeping this to a minimum. The bike is not/has not been irritating my foot. Standing and walking has been awful! I didn’t stop running because running was causing pain. I stopped running because pain was stopping running.

Me kicking plantar fasciitis’s butt!

Resting was doing jack squat for my foot because I wasn’t getting ANY rest at work. However, I think this Air Boot is doing the trick. I wasn’t motivated to rest because it wasn’t making a difference at all, but now I’m feeling very hopeful.

I’ve been injured before. I’ve had to take a break from running. The times in the past though I was a big baby and didn’t focus on the things I COULD do. I can do upper body & core. I can do floor work with my legs. When I am finally back in action I’m hoping to have a super strong core to support my running. I cannot wait to be back outside and at that marathon game again! I am 100% positive that I will run another marathon and I will run it stronger than I ran before.

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