Taking a HUGE leap – quitting Beachbody flying SOLO

The last few days I’ve been on a downward spiral. I have prayed over everything and my heart and soul were not feeling settled. My clearest thoughts are in the morning and during my run. My conscious guides me. My integrity is important to me. The past 2 years I have been following Beachbody’s programs. I like the structure. It’s easy. So, I jumped into coaching. I wanted to share, but I have quickly found coaching does not line up with my values and I am strong on that. My values are and always have been more important to me than money. 

I have 8 kids. Nobody has 8 kids that doesn’t value their values more than money.

I have felt like a prostitute on Instagram. It’s filled with people spamming and selling bullshit (excuse the language, I’m still working on not swearing.) 

Once I stopped hashtagging myself with “Beachbody Coach” I stopped getting the garbage followers. 

I know from running Justmommies.com that stay at home moms and work at home moms are easy targets. They are desperate to stay home and desperate to make a little side money. I refuse to be a part of hustling young and tired mamas. 


Dream Hope Believe Quotes

Today, I set a goal to become an actual bonified certified personal trainer. I have the health background with my nursing degree to offer true, genuine, HEALTH coaching. I have a Master’s Degree. I am smart. I am driven. I am educated. I set out to improve people’s health and make a difference, not to be a protein shake and supplement salesgirl. So, today I will be going for a run. I am ditching 80 Day Obsession and working on developing my OWN program (s).  

I cancelled my subscription to Beachbody today. I will get on the phone later to cancel all of my subscriptions to their Shakeology, Recover, and Pre-workout. I have known in my head and heart for a while they were not a necessary part of the equation. 

I think Beachbody has some excellent programs and please know that I encourage anybody that is using their programs successfully to continue with them! The secret to success is really NOT the program, but the consistency part. If you want to work with me and use Beachbody as your platform I will always be an encourager.

This is going to slow down the process a little for my goals, but it lines up so much better with my integrity. For now, I am removing the “Get Started With Health Coaching” button while I develop the necessary skills to offer this service. 

Once I launch I will be offering my services for FREE to develop a test group and testimonials. 

I have big plans and big dreams, but I KNOW in my heart and in my soul that my integrity and values is at the top. 

I am scared. I will not lie. It’s scary going solo. This is why people use programs in the first place, but I want to run, and strength train, and have time for yoga and my family.  

Wish me luck! And thank you to my fan club!

Watch for blog posts about my certification process. I am starting on this TODAY!


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