Five Things to Love About Running

Welcome to this week’s Fit Friday Five! This week’s topic is five things to love about running!

Oh, my just five? I LOVE running. I could write an entire book on this topic. I think. It’d be a babbly book, but whatevs. Alright here are my best five. Some are funny, and some are serious, but first, let me thank our hosts. This was such a fun topic! Fit Five Friday Link-Up with DarleneMichelleRenéeJenn, and Zenaida.

Five Things to ❤️Love❤️ About Running

Love love

ONE ~ You will have an amazing t-shirt collection!

I wear race t-shirts more than anything else. I really should go count them. I’m not honestly sure how many I have. I have long sleeve. I have short sleeve. I have pink shirts. I have blue shirts. I have yellow shirts. I have black shirts. My favorites are probably my t-shirts from the Petite Indoor Marathon. I also like my Charlevoix marathon t-shirts and this hot pink t-shirt from the Wildlife Marathon that has since been canceled. I have others that I wear, but those are some of my favorites.

There’s no way I could picture all of my race t-shirts, but here’s a picture of my favorites, that I could find, that weren’t in the laundry 🤣.

TWO ~ You’ll know how to dress for the apocalypse!

man with gas mask in apocalyptic post war environment

I swear I can dress for anything, hot, cold, snowmeggedon. I got it! I have battery-powered heated gloves because I’m a baby.  Well, I have Raynaud’s disease and cold-induced hives. So, I truly don’t tolerate cold well, but you can still prepare for it. I have beanies. I have winter tights. I have jackets for all occasions. I have sports bras and shorts for the death of summer. I have a hydration pack. Most importantly I have Body Glide! You name it, I’m prepared.

THREE ~ Alone time!


I know most runners like to run with their friends. I do, do that, but I love my alone time. I love hitting the trails, and running by myself, all alone. I need that decompression time. It’s how I clear my head. I love the peace and quiet. It’s one of the few times my brain shuts down. My brain is almost always ticking and I have a hard time resting my brain. Running by myself takes care of that need.

FOUR ~ Running Improves your health.

Doctor holding red heart in nursing hospital for good health.

Running improves your health, sleep, and mood. I mostly run for health reasons now. It is my go-to ADHD med and antidepressant. I am not the same when I don’t run. I was actually working on something for my blog on the health benefits of running. So, I’ve researched quite a few. Studies show hands down, you’re less likely to die if you’re a runner. It reduces your risk of cancer and it promotes brain function and brain plasticity.

FIVE ~ Running burns a ton of calories.

sliced of pepperoni pizza on plate with breadsticks, soft drink and chicken wings in background

I think plenty of runners will admit that they occasionally run because they like to eat! I have a love/hate relationship with this. When I’m in the dead of marathon training, I don’t actually love this. I have a hard time eating enough calories and I feel like I’m starving all the time. Of course, there are plenty of other days that I really appreciate the calorie burn.

11 thoughts on “Five Things to Love About Running”

  1. I literally laughed out loud at knowing how to dress for the apocalypse because it is so true! I do want to hear more about your battery-powered gloves. I have Raynaud’s too and run with a rechargeable hand warmer and multiple pairs of gloves.

    1. I bought them on Amazon. I just did a search for heated gloves. They’re pretty bulky, like ski gloves. I just didn’t care how stupid I looked. They worked. I tried to pull up my order, but it doesn’t look like it’s available anymore.

  2. Ha ha… i never wear my race t shirts, but my husband ALWAYS does. At this point he doesn’t own any other shirts, except of course his work shirts. But even then, if there’s something like “wear pink” day at work, he’ll pull out a race t shirt.
    Yes, it’s true- runners know how to dress for all kinds of weather! We get outside in conditions that “normal” people would avoid.
    I agree- it’s hard to just think of FIVE things to love about running.

  3. I love that I feel I can eat more if I run.

    I only wear my race shirts for runs and races. But I have a ton.

    I’m still not good with dressing lol.

  4. these are brilliant and SO true! I was actually just thinking that I need to cull my running t shirt collection AGAIN because my drawers are just overflowing!! Each shirt for each race has some memories attached and that’s why it’s so hard to actually let go of them.

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