Fit Five Friday: 5 struggles I face in reaching my fitness goals

A day late and a dollar short. Oh well, the story of my life. I planned to wait until next week, but I really wanted to blog about this topic now!

A blogging link-up group caught my eye. The extra mojo would be helpful for writing and exercising. I’m going to jump in, even though I’m not entirely sure how this works or what I’m doing.

Happy link up to all of the bloggers and a big Hello from Miss Blabbermouth. Ask anyone, I can talk.

Fit Five Friday Link-Up with DarleneMichelleRenéeJenn, and Zenaida.

Making my first attempt at this.

1. Injuries, oh my!

This has been my biggest struggle this year. Back-to-back foot and ankle surgeries have totally kicked my butt! In order to return to running, I had to take care of this. When I’m able to run again, I’m still nervous about how my feet will respond. Of course, my non-running friends think that I should cut down on my running. Although I plan to do more cross-training and try out triathlons again, running is my thing and I need it.
While I am worried, I’m determined to keep running and to modify my training by adding cross-training and triathlons. I hope that in doing so, my feet and ankles will be able to handle the stress of running and I can return to the activity I love most.

2. My family


They are not my biggest fitness fan club. There is always something to work around for me. I still have four of my eight children living at home. Every day there is laundry to do, dishes to wash, cooking to do, etc. When I get overwhelmed with housework and raising kids, I sometimes forget to take care of myself first. My family can feel like a significant obstacle to sticking with a regular fitness routine, as they always seem to take priority over other activities. With all the time spent on maintaining the household, there can often feel like there is little time left to focus on taking care of myself.

3. Work

Expert young nurse making the bed at the hospital

My on-call schedule sucks and can put a kink in any training plan if I get called into work. 12 hour shifts are also hard on the body when it comes to exercise. Unless I work out before work, it doesn’t happen. Unfortunately, due to the unpredictable nature of my on-call schedule, I’m forced to plan my workouts around it, otherwise, they simply don’t happen. My long run sometimes has to be moved to another day of the week as a result of this, or I might have to skip a long run altogether. Of course, with reason #1 injuries, I haven’t had a real long run in over a year.

4. Weather

Winter landscape of a mountain river in the snow, around the forest

I hate absolutely hate the cold! I have Raynaud’s and cold-induced hives. I tell people I’m allergic to the cold, which is sort of the truth. Occasionally, I force myself to run in the cold despite the suck. Sometimes I cannot motivate myself to run outdoors. While I do have a treadmill, there’s just something about running outside.

5. Lack of sleep


If I don’t get enough sleep or rest I cannot exercise. My exercise routine often requires a lot of sleep and recovery time. Sleep plays an important role in the recovery process after exercise. Without proper sleep, I can become fatigued more quickly and have difficulty exercising. In order to function well, I seem to need more sleep than other people.

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