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running injury prevention

Preventing Running Injuries

Preventing future running injuries is a top priority for me now that I am almost recovered from surgery. I took some time to read up on the topic and discovered that some of the things I had been concentrating on

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healthy diet, family, unsupportive

Healthy diet with an unsupportive Family

How To Stick To A Healthy Diet When Your Family Won’t Cooperate The topic was on my idea list for a while, and today seemed the perfect time to write about it – Healthy diet with an unsupportive family. When

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gut brain

Is Your Gut Microbiome Linked to Food Addiction

The Surprising Connection Between Your Gut Microbiome and Food Addiction Science is teeming with good stuff about your gut – your second brain – and how it impacts just about everything. I’ve been working on improving my gut health for

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Meditation and Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches are what started me on my quest for improving my nutrition. When I started actively working on daily meditation and mindfulness I never expected to see an outcome of reduction of migraine headaches. Even though I was leading

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