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Gratitude Journal – Week ending February 18

Last week I started blogging my gratitude journal. I’ve attempted a gratitude journal in the past, but this time around it has been easier. I’ve been tracking symptoms, sleep, and mood. Each day when I track symptoms I also track down something I’m grateful for. At first, I was just doing it daily when I was prompted to track symptoms. Now, every time I have one of those “Oh, I’m so glad this went this way instead of that way” moments I open up my phone and jot it down.

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Gratitude Journal – Week ending February 11

This week I am grateful for being called off work on Wednesday. It’s funny because I was at first annoyed, and definitely not feeling grateful. Then I changed my perspective. I thought of all that I could do with my day if I wasn’t at work.

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I know who inspires me, self love, and other nonsense

So, I recently joined Instagram because that’s apparently the new place to network. I’m slightly overwhelmed by the abundance of spammers there. You know, not true inspiration, just picture after picture of someone trying to convince you of something. I

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Self Care doesn’t always feel “good”

This week I’ve taken a hard look at self care and I have been really working hard at taking care of my physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. Notice that I didn’t write “putting myself first”. That is because I do not believe that is what self care is all about. My faith and belief system is very intertwined in service and I think that the concept of self care is sometimes twisted to mean “selfish”. They are not the same.

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