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5 Ways to Get Back on Track

We’ve all had setbacks or fallen off the fitness wagon, well most of us I think anyway. Once I’m in a good rhythm I stay that way, but I’ve been having trouble getting into a good routine again. I decided this week I’d switch it up, get back on track with my blogging, and share my best ideas for getting back on track.

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Weekly Rundown for February 19, 2023

I left you all last week all excited to take on the world. I went down to my basement and tried out my cheap rowing machine that I had purchased knowing that I’d be unable to run for a while. I was so surprised and happy that I could use it with my boot on and it didn’t strain my foot or ankle at all. I thought my week was going to go perfectly!

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Self Care Ways to Show Yourself Love

Thanks for reading my 5. It’s been a horrid week and I really wanted to participate in this week’s Friday Five. I’m so happy I managed to work in the time for this.

Making time for journaling and blogging is also a big self-care for me. This one is shorter than I’d have liked, but I squeezed in a little time for blogging this morning.

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Weekly Rundown for February 12, 2023

Thank you to the hosts of the Weekly Rundown, Kim and Deborah. 👀Quick Look at this week Here’s the week in detail. I did not take as many pictures nor did I work out as much as I wanted to, but one

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Five Things to Love About Running

This week’s topic is five things to love about running! 1 You will have an amazing t-shirt collection! 2 You’ll know how to dress for the apocalypse! 3 Alone time! 4 Running Improves your health. 5 Running burns a ton of calories.

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Weekly Rundown for February 5, 2023

Alrighty folks, my first attempt at this weekly rundown thing. Thanks for stopping by to see how my week went! Sunday Well, I cleaned my house, worked on my blog, and stumbled across this weekly rundown link-up. I set some

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