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Black Coffee in cup

Does Chicory Root Coffee Reduce Appetite?

Could chicory root coffee reduce your appetite? If it does help regulate your appetite, how does it work and why? Well, I discovered this sort of by accident. This week I started rotating chicory root coffee with my regular coffee.

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Knee pain

Could Sugar be the Cause of My Pain?

Have you ever noticed that you have pain after eating a lot of sugar? You may be unaware of how sugar affects your body, but sugar and pain are interconnected. This might surprise you, but sugar can wreak havoc on

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gut brain

Is Your Gut Microbiome Linked to Food Addiction

The Surprising Connection Between Your Gut Microbiome and Food Addiction Science is teeming with good stuff about your gut – your second brain – and how it impacts just about everything. I’ve been working on improving my gut health for

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