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Thank you so much for visiting my Beachbody page! This page like everything in my life is a work in progress. Stay tuned for updates along my journey.

I’m a newer Beachbody Coach, but I am absolutely positive that I can help you crush your goals. I know how to motivate and how to encourage you to be the best version of you. I have been there! I promise I have.

I can set you up for success. I have a lot to offer.

Beachbody has the tools, why reinvent the wheel? They have so many programs.

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I am starting a new challenge group soon and would love to have you join me. Reach out to me at teresa@runteresarun if this is something you are interested in.

My People, My Tribe

I thought long and hard about who are my people and who I want to represent. See my post on Who Are My People? Who Is My Tribe

I know who my people are. When I signed up for Beachbody, I didn’t sign up through a coach. I didn’t have a friend solicit me. I went straight to their website and signed up. I picked the trial 2 weeks because I am very deliberate with my money. I’m not afraid to spend a little money on myself, but I want to make sure I’m getting real value from my money. I didn’t even know all the things Beachbody had to offer.

I also did not start out using Shakeology or all the other amazing products. I just didn’t think I needed them (and you don’t to get started), but I LOVE Shakeology and would never go back to not using it.

My goals are to help people (and yes I’d love to make some money too, but I know that people need trust and that takes time to develop. If you’re interested in coaching and making an income from doing what you love, I’d be glad to help you with that too.

Below is a link to sign up with Beachbody on Demand through me and get started.

So, I want to offer you my very best during the 2 week trial period Beachbody gives you for free to convince you how amazing I am and how I can use Beachbody to have that awesome rocking body that you’ve dreamed of.

If you sign up through me, I will reach out to you within 24 hours of sign up to discuss your goals, your current fitness levels, the equipment you have available to you and get you started RIGHT now on the best program to start with. I will also check on you throughout those 2 weeks to encourage you and help you tackle every single obstacle. I will give you that motivation and encouragement to push through and crush those first two weeks. If you want to try Shakeology, I will also send you a sample package to try. We’ll discuss that during our initial conversation.

I will be happy to meet with you in whatever way you prefer – text, phone, email, or zoom.

I have little things I plan for you to boost you up and push you right through to success. I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS AND I KNOW I’M THE GIRL TO HELP YOU GET THERE.

Click the link below to sign up. If you want to go all in you can pick the annual subscription and just buy now, but for the 2 week trial YOU MUST USE THE DROPDOWN AND SELECT 2 WEEK TRIAL or else you will be billed.

Sign up with ME ❤️

If you're ready to jump in (or even if youre not totally ready 🤣), click the link below to sign up for Beachbody on Demand with ME!

If you sign up through Beachbody without using my link (and going directly to Beachbody’s website) you will be assigned some random coach that you may or may not be a good fit with. So why not give me a try.  

This page is a work in progress.  If you are interested in ME being your coach, you can also email me with any questions at

Or you can check out My Beachbody Coach Page