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If you’re just getting started with running, it’s easier than you think. I never imagined that I would be able to run marathons when I first started, but once you set your mind to it, you will be amazed at what you can achieve. Here’s how I got started

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I’m Teresa, and as a mom of 8 I know all about juggling responsibilities! I work full-time as an RN in a small community hospital on a hybrid unit.  I also have two certifications as a personal trainer & nutrition coach through NASM plus aLevel 1 RRCA certification for running coaching.

Nursing allows me to help people each day, I see so many gaps in our healthcare system. Run Teresa Run is a way for me to share my passion for fitness and nutrition, as well as inspire people to live healthier, happier, fulfilled lives.


 Not only does exercise help to reduce the risk of health issues, such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, but it also improves your energy and mental health…


Nutrition plays a key role in improving our lives, as it can have direct and indirect impacts on our health, energy levels, and overall wellbeing.


Let’s explore gut health. The gut is home to billions of microbes that help us digest food, regulate the immune system, and protect against harmful pathogens. Eating a  fiber-rich diet is essential for keeping your gut healthy. 


Meditation is a powerful practice that can dramatically improve your life. It helps you to be more mindful, relieves stress , and enhanced emotional intelligence.


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5 Ways to Get Back on Track

We’ve all had setbacks or fallen off the fitness wagon, well most of us I think anyway. Once I’m in a good rhythm I stay that way, but I’ve been having trouble getting into a good routine again. I decided this week I’d switch it up, get back on track with my blogging, and share my best ideas for getting back on track.

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Slowly working on getting my life back in order

I have had a rough couple weeks, maybe 3 weeks. There have been a lot of changes going on at my job that have really messed with my mojo. I have barely got back into a routine. I did exercise today. I also start swimming lessons on Monday. I am working on figuring out what

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The child is riding a tricycle in the park.

Complete Zwifting moron, HELP!

I bought myself a Zwift Hub for my Christmas gift. I do NOT know what I’m doing at all. I mean it’s true you don’t forget how to ride a bike, but the gears and all the other crap that comes with biking stress me the hell out. It’s kept me from really getting into biking. Running is easy. I am completely moronic with biking.

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Gratitude Journal – Week ending February 25, 2023

I am back to work, and I sure can tell. I had my butt kicked this week. All the things I’ve been doing to take care of myself, half of it went out the window. Some of it is hanging by a thread. I didn’t participate in any of the weekly themes. I didn’t write

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running injury prevention

Preventing Running Injuries

Preventing future running injuries is a top priority for me now that I am almost recovered from surgery. I took some time to read up on the topic and discovered that some of the things I had been concentrating on were not going to be quite as helpful. There are other things I can do

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